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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> >> bullets were flying everywhere. >> a police standoff in residents unsure if they'd good evening i'm john fenoglio now, a man suspected of shooting and ice agent and a police officer. while >> i'm viki liviakis reports, people living near last nights shooting are wondering if their neighborhood will ever return back to normal. are banff when the police saw this woman. >> reporter: when this sothe police saw this. >> it was pretty quickly
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that he was intent with getting away from this. >> reporter: the suspect fired first towards the immigration patrol man. were you scared for your life? >> in the beginning? yes. >> reporter: and have you heard gunshots since the beginning? >> yes, so how many gun shots. >> reporter: at 1:00 a.m., he finally surrendered. they surrendered. >> i think that he had a paroled violation. >> reporter: he is accused of shooting a agent. and as far as the type of done it? >> reporter: >> would not know. >> why was homeland security involved? >> they are trying to find out why this man was shot.
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they're hoping to get some branches of the residents are still have to do with the yellow crime tape. in roseville, dan kron 4 news. in another attempt at >> off closure, the family of lynne spalding held a memorial service last night. but closure was fleeting. today the family learned that the hospital had to ask the sheriff's office multiple times to conduct a search for the missing woman. although they were told that a search had been conducted, they are questioning whether that is really the case. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest. >> reporter: lynne spalding's family is demanding an up front answer from sherriff ross mirikarimi as to whether a search was done when she went missing 5 weeks ago. four separate requests were made by sf general to the sherriff's department to carry out a thorough inspectionfamily and friends are now questioning whether a search was done at all. >> the family is done with patience. we're angry, we're frustrated, and we're demanding answers from the top of the leadership structure. was a search
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done? if a search was done, where was it done and what were the results? >> reporter: at this point the only people that would have the answers to those questions are at the sherriff's department. the day lynne went missing, her daughter was told that the hospital had been searched. but if it had been, then why were there four different requests? >> if sheriff mirikarimi has info that says a search or 2 or 2 wasn't done, out of respect for lynn spalding and her family he needs to step up and personally tell us why this wasn't done. this is an appalling accumulation of facts that point to one thing. something is wrong with the security apparatus at sf general. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us they will address individual questions once the investigation is complete,. right now it's still an open case and they plan to wrap it up in a week or two. reporting at sf general alecia reid kron 4 news.
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>> dozens of the elderly patients - abandoned for days on end. left alone and unable top fend for themselves. it happened at an assisted care facility in castro valley. kron four's jeff bush talked to concerned relatives about the situation and says criminal charges could be next. >> reporter: ofthe valley manor assisted care facility on apricot way was ordered closed by the department of social services on thursday. according to police, the owners just walked away without informing patient's relatives. police say most of the staff left and never returnedleaving about 28 patients to fend for themsel ves. the alameda county sheriff's department says a cook and two janitors remained out of the goodness of their hearts and were not paid. officials say the conditions were bad inside, with plumbing issues and cleanliness issues. >> some of these people were in bad shape to begin with they were better written. to go at least 48 hours without
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care is a long time. >> reporter: some of these people were in pretty bad shape to begin with. they are bedridden. so, to go 48 hours without care is an awful long time. neighbors say they have been concerned about the conditions for a while. sister has been a patient here for about seven years. jeanne says her sister has mental issues and needs the care of an assisted care facility.jeanne and her brother came by on this day and were shocked to find out what happened. >> i really thought the owner would make sure everyone is out before this happened. we >> how could somebody do this? we're talking about human beings. this is a bad situation, heartbreaking. >> reporter: were in the process of finding her another boarding care and when my brother came to visit today realized there is law enforcement here. so, now, we are going to find emergency housing. how could somebody do that? we're talking human beings here. how could somebody just abandon them? it's a bad situation. it's heart breaking. the sheriff's department says the investigation is abuse could be forthcoming. a shooting at campbell's "the spot" nightclub this morning left one man injured. it started when an employee asked a group of men to turn down their music in the
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parking lot around two a-m reportedly shot the nightclub employee. the group of men and one currently remain at large. the employee was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a livermore man was arrested this week on child pornography charges. fourty-four year old jason erik sherman was arrested thursday on suspicion of possession of child pornography. livermore police conducted the investigation and seized his computer which contained over seventy images of alleged child pornography. the alameda county district attorney's office is reviewing the evidence found within the search. sherman is currently being held at santa rita county jail. >> plans to close another contra costa county fire station in january are on hold now that a county administrator says the fire district's financial outlook is improving. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. response times are are not. >> reporter: contra costa county fire protection district pittsburg station 87 closed in july. one of seven district stations to shutdown since 20-11. and, in 20-11. district chief daryl louder
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says the average response time for the first crew to arrive on scene was about 8 minutes and 30 seconds. but since the closure of station 87. louder says the average response time has skyrocketted to about 10 minutes and 30 seconds. a two minute increase. in some extreme cases, louder says the first crew hasn't arrived until more be then 12 minutes after a call fire marshall lewis broshard adds that it takes on average more than 23 minutes to assemble a first alarm response. more than 10 minutes above the national fire protection district's recommendation. since 20-11, the fire protection district has been reduced from 30 3- person crews to 23 3-person crews. but the fire marshall says help could be on the way. the fire protection district applied for a federal grant in august. which if approved. could lead to new hires and the re-opening of up to three first stations. in contra costa county, philippe djegal, kron four
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news. >> a woman driving a brand new mercedes benz somehow lost control and ran into a building. the accident happened near the intersection of leavenworth and washington streets in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood the car rolled on to the sidewalk, then rolled down the block. before crashing into a building and knocking out a gas line. fire fighters arrived shortlythereafter and secured the scene. pg&e then disabled the gas line before restoring service. witnesses say the driver of the car picked up her shopping bags and took off on foot. >> she reached in the back, grabbed a couple of bags then took off running. i thought she was running because she hit a gas line. you can smell the big odor of gas right she just kept going around the corner. >> quite a driver here to get the little bit of damage that she got >> reporter: but then you just realize that she was just leaving?
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>> yes. >> luckily no one was hurt in the accident, and none of the cars parked on the street got hit. a building engineer showed up to the scene to make sure the building is safe for tenants to remain inside. >> dozens gathered on the steps of city hall for the 4th annual global walk for india's missing girls. the event originated here in san francisco and has since spread across the globe. it aims to raise awareness about the mass killings of indian women. organizers say seven-thousand indian girls are killed each day. >> one of the main reasons of the what is to create awareness that this is happening, this is a genocide. we need to take acside. >> i think that life there is difficult and life is hard and they feel that having a girl or having a girl be born is like something that is burden on them >> the walk did come with a
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ten-dollar registration fee with the money going toward a documentary called 'petals in the dust', which details the issue of violence against women and other problems in india. >> it turned out to be a nice day today. with 70's. the bay, mid-70s for san jose the warmest places were the inland valleys, 80s. a lot of fog along the coast. the skies are mostly clear over san francisco. right about there. but that fog is pressing through the golden gate. for tonight and the north bay valleys. some fog to start for tomorrow but lots of sunshine for sunday although temperatures are going to be cooler with 60s along the bay. '70s, and about 10 degrees cooler monday, this storm system. it is expected to make its way to the bay. more details, coming up.
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coming up on the kron 4 news at eight. struggling to find answers. a mother's prayers for a community after her son kills his high school teacher. and. new concerns about registering for healthcare under the affordable care act. why some people in this country are avoiding the >> this part was an vandals, and forgotten about. many different types of debris and bottles and you know what. >> reporter: this however, was part of a nonprofit things began to improve for this neighborhood >> we wanted to make one of our dreams come true and that is to build a playground. >> reporter: one neighbor was a challenge to become a neighborhood advocate. >> failed knocked on a lot of doors. >> imac >they fought really hard.
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door to door to make sure that their community would have a sense to play. >> reporter: they would have a shiny new playground equipment and picnic tables. this was one of several groups to contribute to their funds. dylan and barbecue grills. it was enough to bring somebody to tears. >> i did not want to cry! argument jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> coming up the struggling answer is a mother's prayers were a sun killed her his high school teacher. >> and why people are avoiding the government website to sign up for health care. >> the possibility of a
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>> anger over claims that the national security agency is spying on people around the world, including americans here at home, is spilling onto the streets of washington d-c. that's where demonstrators rallied against the nation's surveillance programs. a number of politicians joined the protests. including representative justin amash from michigan and former new mexico governor gary johnson. >> who is looking at all this personal information? how will it be used? how will it be abused. stand
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up america we are mad as hell and we want you to stop this spying on us now. the u-s government has come under fire for claims the n- s-a spied on foreign allies, including german chancellor angela merkel. a state department obama has directed the government to review its surveillance programs. government surveillance now raising concerns for immigrants who are attempting to enroll in the president's health care program. now the obama adminstration wants to make it clear that obamacare and immigration are unrelated. the administration is stressing that information provided when signing up for coverage will not be used to inforce immigration. they understand that some potential enrollees have been afraid to sign up for health care because of their immigration status. >> new details tonight out of pennsylvania on the case of an off duty deputy who took his own life after holding a co-worker hostage. investigators in the case are trying to determined what motivated carbon county deputy sheriff david midas to lose control and are looking to see if mental illness
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could have been the cause. police say thirty three year old midas when to the lansford police station on friday night, took ammunition and an unmarked police car. drove to the home of another off duty officer took him hostage and after a struggle shot himself in the head. there is currently no information on the second officer's condition. the mother of the teenager accused of killing his teacher says she is heartbroken over the death of the massachusets educator. the lawyer for 14-year-old phillip chism says that his mother is asking for prayers for the family of danver's ritzer. the statement also says that his mother is struggling to understand what happened the day before ritzer's body wasthe fourteen year old is reported to have killed his teacher inside the school bathroom and then left her body in the woods behind hischism was arrested early wednesday. he was arraigned on a murder charge and held with only one more weekend behind bars, michael jackson's one-time personal doctor is already stepping up the battle to get his medical license back. dr. conrad murray filed a civil petition in travis county, texas friday morning asking a civil court judge to stop the state medical board's revocation of his license pending his criminal appeal in california. murray is set to walk out of mens central jail in los angeles on monday. he once operated a clinic serving low-income patients in houtson before his 2011 conviction in the death of michael jackon. murray was administering a fatal dose of the drug propofol. texas was the first state to his felony conviction. she was bart simpson's fourth grade teacher for over twenty years. marcia wallace -- known for her role in "the bob newhart
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show" and "the simpsons' -- died today. wallace's t-v career spanned four decades and included six seasons on "the bob newhart show" in the 1970's and on "murphy brown" in the 90's. but it was her role as the simpsons' famously-snarky edna krabappel that put wallace on the map for more recent audiences. she voiced the character wallace was 70 years old. in >> cowboys and indians - are among the halloween costumers being discouraged in the name of political correctness. college administrators and students at some universities are advising their communities not to dress in potentially offensive halloween costumes. university of colorado at boulder. and ohio university are leading the charge. the campaign the slogan."we're a culture, not a includes one guy dressed as a suicide bomber. the goal is to eliminate cultural and gender stereotypes from people's costume collections. >> take a look at this system coming from canada. we have increasing clouds with drizzle. we are also watching this system coming from the northeast from the sierras. notice the precipitation it could reach the bay area by monday. look
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for pop-up showers and also some clouds. there rainfall amounts should be just traces but the big factor will be much cooler temperatures. relatively mild. 60s by the bay 70's inland. here is the seven day around the bay with the clouds and sunshine with 50s and 60s. the skies will be clearing and a bit of warming on thursday, friday, with mostly sunny and back into the 70's in and '80s for the inland valleys. saturday. >> authorities are giving us new informaton tonight about a wild police chase through the mojave desert. police say that sergio munoz felt that his life was unraveling. officers fatally shot munoz yesterday after he killed one woman and threatened to "wreak havoc" on the city of ridgecrest. police say munoz recently lost his job and his wife had begun distancing
8:20 pm
herself from him. the suspect led police on a high speed chase that began with a homicide and at least three people being shot. two people were found in the trunk of the car and had also been shot. their condition is currently unkown. >> police in lodi say a driver involved in a deadly car crash had been driving under the influence. the crash on tuesday killed five family members. a father, pregnant mother, and three of their four young children. police say that twenty eight year old ryan morales had been drinking with his father before the incident. morales had also been arested last month for driving without a license. he is currently in critical condition. >> even more chicken is being recalled as of today. garden fresh foods is recalling fifty more tons of chicken and ham products over concerns of possible listeria contaminiation. the products include several varietys of ham and chicken salads. these items are sold under the garden fresh, grandpa's, archer farms, and d'amico and sons brand names. this is the third recall in two months by the milwaukee based company.
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pel >> it seems there is always something new in the cell phone industry. now, an entrepreneur has come up with a design that would let you update your smart phone -- instead of trading it in. becky anderson has the story. >> reporter: they are our constant companions but they always get dumped. in the u- s where cell phones are cheap, they're replaced faster than anywhere else in the world - but imagine if you could buy one phone that's in the words of one inventor, worth keeping? igman>> what if it's modular? that we could just upgrade when something breaks because usually it's only one component that's broken or two so we just have to how entire phone. >> reporter: dutch designer dave hakkens came up with phonebloks out of frustration - after he was unable to replace a broken part on his camera. >> with technology if something breaks we just throw it away, you don't repair it. >> reporter: his device is made up of replaceable parts -- of your choosing. >> i think even your grandmother could use it. she just has a phone and she decides to put on only
8:22 pm
speakers only a big battery and that's it, nothing else, for instance. >> reporter: at this point phonebloks remains just an idea. but hakkens is drumming up support via online amplifying platform "thunderclap" where more than 950 thousand people have backed the concept. and thunderclap is no joke it recently helped elect democrat cory booker to the u-s senate. >> right now i am asking for support show that you want a phone like this so big companies see all their customers want this kind of phone. >> reporter: building a prototype is the next step -- but critics doubt it will ever get that far saying mobile phones are as much about fashion as technology. >> the idea of modularizing products, any products isn't exactly new and when you have something like a fast moving industry like smartphone its going to be very difficult with the fast changing trends when you've got a template and you plug
8:23 pm
things in. >> reporter: hakkens anticipated the critics but believes his dream will become a reality. >> a lot of companies who are already working in this field so right now i'm confident we can build this thing. the environmental campaign organization greenpeace estimates that global e- waste now amounts to between 20 and 50 million tons a year. >> next. the food an drug administration regulates *our food. but what about our pets? a report on new rules to keep our pets safe. >> stanley: coming up what your children are doing on their lunch break in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: it's called "the
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drake" it's real name sir frances drake high school located in san aselimo a word of caution if you attend "the drake" now would be a good time to distract your parents because it's about to get real. these are students heading off to lunch which is about a quarter mile away, they head down these step no problems heading to lunch. however these are is the very same students returning from lunch darting across four lanes very busy lanes of sir frances drive blvd. where the speed limit reads 25 but the somestimes dislesic drivers read it as 52 so you understand how fast they are going. now there are plenty of crosswalk strike that i mean lighted crosswalks for the
8:27 pm
students to use. there is even one with a flashing person so there is no confusion that this is a crosswalk. but the kid would rather dart across the road which doesn't appear to save any time. we send out kids to school hoping that they are safe but when they are off school grounds anything goes. i found out about this because of a view email the viewer also told me at times the students play chicken with a 4 thousand pound auto. the funny part, i was right there and the students were so busy running into traffic they never noticed my camera. and this was a slow day. go figure. in san aselimo stanley roberts kron 4 news. after this story aired on thursday. the school district assigned a school resource officer to keep kids from running into traffic. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at coming up at 8:30. pet owners may soon see some new regulations put into place for their animals' food. >> plus. a high end retailer is facing the heat over allegations of racially profiling minority customers. and now a prominent pop star may be getting involved. we'll show you who and explain why. stay with us.
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>> we are looking at temperatures not quite as cold 30's for the north bay. 50s by the bay. details on your forecast, coming up
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the federal government has safety regulations for the food that you eat.but what about your pet? >> there are almost no laws regulating the production of food for your pets. but as rene marsh reports, that could be changing soon. >> reporter: the food and
8:31 pm
drug administration is proposing new rules for companies that make dog and cat food. the rules would require the same methods that keep human food safe-- like better sanitation. the goal -- to protect animal foods from bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. the head of the fda says the announcement ".addresses a critical part of the food system." earlier this week the agency reported more than three-thousand pets may have gotten sick from jerky treats made in china and the u.s. right now -- there are almost no rules on pet food safety-- but the f-d-a has issued multiple recalls in the past few years. just last year -- a salmonella outbreak at a facility in south carolina led to a recall of thirty- thousand tons of dog and cat food. forty-seven people across the country got sick from handling that food. the new rules would also apply to animal feed -- for livestock. people can of course become ill if they eat sick animals-- so it's not just
8:32 pm
pets the f-d-a is worried about. the rules still need final approval the proposal comes amid reports that more than 36- hundred dogs and 10 cats have gotten sick after eating jerky pet treats over the past six years. the f-d-a says 580 of those pets have died. the agency isn't naming any particular brand - but says most of the treats implicated were made in china. >> high-end new york retailer "barneys" is coming under fire after a second shopper has come forward with allegations of racial profiling. proper i-d to make their confronted by new york city police officers once they left the store. and now one of those shoppers is asking rapper jay-z to get involved. nick valencia is following the story. >> reporter: next month, jay-z is set to sell a new fashion line at barneys. but a change-dot-org petition is calling for him to end all partnerships with the new york retailer. that's because a second african american college student has come forward to allege racial profiling -- saying undercover officers stopped and questioned her after she bought a 25- hundred dollar "celine" bag
8:33 pm
at barney's new york. >> "i had good intentions. i went bought my favorite bag. i wanted this bag. i deserved this bag. and then to find out you know i'm being accused of using someone else's card - i just really felt demeaned." >> reporter: 21-year old kayla phillips came forward after 19-year old trayon christian made headlines claiming he too was racially profiled after purchasing a "ferragamo" belt at barney's in april. both shoppers want damages from the store and the new york police department. >> "the undercover cop from the left side that had regular clothes on, stopped me on the left side and asked me, 'oh i just got a call from barney's saying your card is not real.'" >> reporter: in a prepared statement, mark lee, c-e-o of barney's new york said: >> "no customer should have the unacceptable experience described in recent media reports, and we offer our sincere regret and deepest apologies.we want to reinforce that barneys new york has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. our mission is to ensure that all customers receive the highest-quality service -- without exception,"
8:34 pm
>> reporter: the new york police department says it's investigating the incident. jay-z's representatives have not commented.but kayla phillips hopes they do. >> "when he hears about it.or even when he get involved in it, he knows it is not right and he will make the right choice." >> jay-z isn't the only star getting caught in the middle of a high end store controversy. treme star robert brown claims he was the victim of racial profiling at a macy's department store. the actor says police accused him of using a fake credit card at the retailer's flagship herald square location in new york back in june. he says he was detained in a holding cell inside the store. brown has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages. >> >> this is my card. >> the vice president of media relations for macy's told c-n-n the company is investigating the allegations but does "not
8:35 pm
comment on matters in litigation." the n-y-p-d did not respond to c-n-n's request for comment. >> this live view from mt. tam from this oakland to in the background. low clouds pressing into the bay continuing to make its way into the bay side. for tomorrow. tonight, looking at 60s. and low clouds along the bay side. we will see sunshine for the afternoon the. cooler however, of what we have seen for the bay side. 60s. for the sierras, mostly sunny. and monday, tuesday. with snow levels dropping to 4,500 ft.. rain
8:36 pm
impacting the bay area of details, coming up. benefitsstill ahead. a disturbing story about number of dead sea lions washing up on california's coast. why some say they may have been intentionally killed. >> and. the 49ers are across the pond in london. a solid win for the sharks. and the st. louis cardinals and the boston redsox go at it in game three of the world series. sports is next.
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>> wildlife activists in california say at least three sea lions in malibu have died after being found with multiple gunshot wounds. it's something they say often happens around the start of the local fishing season. akiko fujita reports. return to index of stories... the images - are >> reporter: heartbreaking. this sea lion - washed ashore, with 4 gunshot wounds this one.shot twice in the back, never made it out of the water. >> "the sea lion was right over there.rolling in and out of the surf line. >> reporter: mike remski spotted that sea lion off the coast of malibu - he says it's an all too common sight, this time of year. >> "this is their doesn't give us a right to kill what we want." >> reporter: jonsie ross with the california wildlife center says at least four sea lions have been found shot, over the last few months. the shootings.coming at the height of squid fishing season >> "every time of the year, when fishing season opens, we get more gunshot wounds than any other time in the year." >> reporter: ross says the fishing boats attract sea lions at night. this video posted on youtube shows fishermen shining a light to draw in squid.sea lions searching for food, often get in the way. >> "sea lions aren't shooting each other. somebody's shooting them, and we want to find out who that is." >> reporter: fishermen dispute the accusations - saying most never carry guns on their boats a spokesman for the squid fishery tells cnn, >> "shooting sealions is
8:40 pm
illegal. the association doesn't condone the illegal shooting of sea lions by anybody" >> reporter: "the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says they are investigating the shootings, but they admit finding those responsible will be difficult. there are no eyewitnesses - and very little evidence." it all comes amid an especially bad year for sea lions. noaa reports, a record number have been spotted in southern california. starving and stranded. ross says she rescued more than 200 in malibu alone, .only to have 3 of those rescues, shot to death.months later. akiko fujita, cnn, los angeles
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>> some of you have been sending us photos of your children and pets getting into the halloween spirit. like this ghoulish get up paying a homage to batman's nemisis. the joker! we always welcome your pictures. you can send them to us on our facebook page. or e-mail them to breaking news @kron dot com. or on our mobile app. we'll share them on our facebook page and show some of them on the air. a san francisco landmark restaurant is gone. with a new improved one in its place. coming up on dine and dish.we'll take you to the re-imagined fog city diner - minus the "diner".
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instagram has released an example of what ads will look like on the popular
8:46 pm
social network they posted this picture on their blog to give users a heads up that picture and video ads are coming. you'll know a photo or video is an advertisement when you see the 'sponsored' label where the time stamp normally would be, ads will start showing up on instagram next week. facebook, the owner of instagram, has promised that the brand-sponsored photo and video updates will be magazine-quality and be a "natural" part of the instagram feed. the new instagram ads will help facebook profit for the first time from the 3- year-old application it purchased for $1 billion last year. in the past ads have severly hurt the popularity of social visual social networks like instagram what do you think ? does this bother you? will it make you quit using instagram. i would like to know. tweet, facebook, or e-mail atgabe slate kron 4 news. and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at- >> notice the clear skies it
8:47 pm
has been drifting in from the golden gate for this evening. a live look showing that there is a span of low clouds near the golden gate. also some low clouds for the north bay valleys. for tomorrow, we will have some clouds however, by 9:00 p.m., some clearing it for the beaches. temperatures a bit cooler with a brisk sea breeze. the changes. for monday, a weather system from canada. that chance for showers and showers. that is not the one that it will impact us however, it is going to take a turn for the forecast model. from canada and not from the ocean is going to be cold. beginning
8:48 pm
of next week but not the case for tomorrow just a little bit cooler, 60s/70's in san jose. look for highs even in the 80s. 60s along the bay shore. 62 degrees and 66 degrees in oakland. 60s in san mateo. and for walnut creek on monday. look for the 60s inland with the chance for showers and especially in the afternoon. snowfall in the sierras! however, kind of cool for this time of year cooling 80s inland. >> dawning & dish. >> for decades, we've dine in a dish. we have got to
8:49 pm
check this out the new wood burning grove the executive chef bruce hill. >> a complete transformation. >> he, and along with the executive chef are revamping the menu and loving in the new restaurant doors. >> i love the old menu but however, this is amazing, quality, and it is a lovely environment. >> in this eclectic culture of culture. >> fresh to order when you order it we coquette. >> it is nice and nice and balanced and delicious. when you order it, -- we cook it. all the memories that we created. to my top tax is
8:50 pm
the unforgettable --, the french fries. to find out. dyin dined a- -dish. >> these firefighters were practicing on the old span of the bay bridge several agencies took part of the exercise the will be a hazardous materials some aerial worse case scenario and the police presence in oakland. the occupied oakland residence were talking about the us. it didn't >> sharks on ice. raiders sign a new player. and niners fans in london?
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i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. at the box office this weekend - everything from an adult a look at the bad things that happen when you get greedy. dave stewart has a look at the new movies coming out in now showing. >> an 86-year-old man must
8:54 pm
travel cross country accompanied by his young grandson. that's the premise behind "jackass presents: bad grandpa" - hidden cameras follow the duo during their misadventures. the movie is the latest in a series by the extreme comedy jackass team. a covered in makeup johnny knoxville plays the main character. "bad grandpa" is rated r. also hitting theaters this weekend - "the counselor" - with an all-star cast including michael fassbender and penelope cruz. fassbender plays an attorney who delves into the dangerous world of drug trafficking. >> what are you going to use for money? >> and i know why i am in it, do you know? >> reporter: the screenplay was written by novelist cormac mccarthy - famous for dark tales such as "no country for old men". "the counselor" is rated r. game 3 of the world series. with the cardinals hosting their red sox. jill kelly.
8:55 pm
already claiming one victory each. jill kelly. joe -- kelly. right now, is the bottom of the eighth, tied on the fourth. >> the sharks licking their wounds after a first loss of the season. dropping the puck tonight in montreal against the canadiens. antti niemi made 22 saves and logan couture scored the san jose sharks a 2-0 victory. and good news for sharks fans - injured player - dan boyle reportedly back on the ice as early as tomorrow night. >> the oakland raiders have signed offensive lineman jack cornell to the active roster. he spent the 2012 season on the baltimore ravens' practice squad. to make room for cornell, oakland has waived brian sanford. raiders play the steelers on sunday. >> across the pond. the 49ers and the jacksonville jaguars are in london today. the n-f-l hosted a fan rally
8:56 pm
at london's trafalgar square. an estimated 70,000 fans attended the four-hour event. in advance of the niner - jaguar game on sunday at wembley stadium. some notable san francisco alumni in attendance included quarterback joe montana and tight end dwight clark. the nfl has hosted games in london since 2007.. brian? >> i was checking the london forecast it looks nice. however, rainy and cold. but with the fans will love its criminal matter what. >> they can watch the game. there will like it, no matter what, however, 60s along the bay for the san francisco forecast. a beautiful sunday afternoon but monday is a different story. >> tomorrow, you can go to
8:57 pm
the embarcadero? from yes. >> that is it. see you at 11:00 p.m.
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"e.t." >> do kim and kanye already have a prenup? >> plus, who leaked a proposal video. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm rob marciano. the kardashians reportedly irate that the engagement video got out. now the three wedding mistakes kim should avoid. will they say i do on tv? what will kim wear? plus, what we know about a prenup. then, kelly clarkson's wedding video. the intimate moments with her groom. j. lo, her boyfriend, and the dangerous car chase. >> he is blocking, he is blocking. >> "e.t." investigates the paparazzi showdown at 79 miles per hour. joan rivers on her new york condo cat fight. the woman's wild claim that joan spit on her. >> you have witnesses? >> she started t


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